Rewarding our benefactors

Now that the date for the dedication of the work of art has been announced, we want to fulfil our promise, made during the public appeal in 2016, that …

… you will be named on the “Roll of Benefactors”.

We want to celebrate the name of EVERYONE who gave to the project, whether £10 or £1,000, for their generosity in helping to bring about this work of art for the people of Plymouth.


To check that your gift will be recognised, please click on this link to the draft copy of the Roll of Benefactors(draft) and find your name.

We hope that both your forename and surname are correct. We have taken these details from your Crowdfunder pledge or St Andrew’s Church directory entry, but if they are not correct, please email us at, before 12 June 2017, with your preferred entry on the “Roll of Benefactors”.

The final “Roll of Benefactors” will be on permanent public display within the Minster Church of St Andrew.

Don’t forget that you are invited to the dedication service of ‘Andrew the Fisherman’ on Friday 7 July 2017 at 2pm in the Minster Church of St Andrew.

Further information about the service will be announced later.