The Fisherman magazine article

Rodney with Maquette

What is it all about? 

If you have wondered about the meaning of the displayed sculpture and its significance for St Andrew’s and the people of Plymouth, here’s something of what we learned when we met our distinguished artist,  Rodney Munday, on his recent visit:

 “The sculpture would be a figure of St. Andrew throwing a casting net across the pillars and so forming an arch. There is the potential for a great deal of rhythm and movement within the work, and as one moves around it, every changing aspect should reinforce the sense of a net being thrown.

 In Christian terms, the net would be cast across all those people passing beneath it, reflecting St. Andrew’s role as a “fisher of men”, involving people consciously or unconsciously in its symbolism, and therefore reflecting the redemptive significance of the Christian presence. Where the front and back edges of the net cross, it is my intention that the lines formed would suggest the Christian fish symbol. The crossing point would also, appropriately, form a saltire. It would therefore prefigure St. Andrew’s martyrdom.

The rise of the net would suggest the concept of resurgam inscribed over the door immediately behind it; again a Christian concept, but additionally one that expresses the rise of both church and city from the devastation inflicted by the war and therefore widening the sculpture’s meaning for a broader public.

17Similarly, St. Andrew has the wider significance, as a fisherman, of representing the historic and contemporary importance of Plymouth as a fishing port.”

Our own Rector, Joe Dent, who was chair of the selection panel says,: “We are excited by the way this project has developed and we believe  we have found a superb artist who has conceived a very engaging and dramatic sculpture that will really enhance the proposed location.”

For the city, Dom Jinks: Director of the Plymouth Culture Board has stated: “The St Andrew’s Church commission is an excellent example of a quality public art project in plan, process and production. There has been a true spirit of quality partnership to enable this dynamic work to be selected. I support and fully endorse this project and have also allocated strategic partnership funds from Plymouth Culture accordingly.”

Some of the other comments we have received on the design: (See them all on the notice board in tower) 

 “Congratulations – this looks amazing!” Hannah Sloggett, Neighbourhood Planning Manager, Plymouth  Council.

“Inspired and  inspirational piece of work which will undoubtedly enrich the city’s history and minster church.”

Chris Robinson:  Plymouth Artist and Author.”

Some from members of St Andrew’s congregations:

“The proposed sculpture has style, elegance and symbolism and is just right for this site!” Monica

 “Wonderful  piece of sculpture” Sue

“It just spoke to me”. Angela.  “Beautiful” Jordan.

 “The proposed sculpture wonderfully combines an image which is entirely appropriate to St. Andrew’s, with a clear message of outreach. As an arch over the pillars, it will invite those in the city to investigate the Church’s message and will invite the congregation to engage in its mandate to be ‘fishers of men’ to the city. As a superb work of art, it will enhance our image in the City and beyond.”  David Huntley

Alun Hughes with  David Kay and Jack Spence,  for the Art Commissioning Group

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