12Established in 2012, the minster’s ‘Art Commissioning Group’ (ACG) initiated a period of consultation with artists and experts engaged in the commissioning of public art. The ACG felt it imperative to encourage involvement from the many aspects of Plymouth community linking with the local world of art. Including the initial research stage, we have engaged with numerous Partners.

  • Rodney Munday, the chosen artist *
  • Director of Plymouth Culture *
  • Plymouth City Public Art Officer *
  • Exeter Diocesan Advisory Council (DAC) *
  • Film department of PCA, tasked with filming the commissioning process *
  • Staff /students of contemporary crafts at Plymouth College of Art (PCA).
  • A specialist practitioner in metal craft and sculpture who guides students through stages of design and delivery of art commissions.
  • The creative art facility ‘Flameworks’; one of the largest managed workspaces for artists in Devon/ Cornwall.
  • Director of Plymouth Arts Centre
  • Plymouth Community Planning and Partnership Coordinator- organising a workshop for parishioners/ general public to explore and suggest ideas.
  • PCA students – we staged a competition exclusively to provide them with experience of working to a live brief; give the ACG experience of commissioning work

* indicates key partners for this commission