Progress reports

20th February 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have reached the initial Crowdfunder target of £10,000, and have now stretched the Crowdfunder target to £25,000.

1st February 2016

Our Crowdfunding campaign starts on 1st February 2016 and continues throughout the month. Go to for more information.

Our aim is to raise A MINIMUM OF £10,000, which will represent a major contribution to the overall cost of funding the commission for an original, exciting , iconic work of art for the people of Plymouth, commemorating the special relationship between the Minster Church of St Andrew and the City of Plymouth.

Funds raised through this ‘Crowdfunding’ option will have the significant advantage of allowing us to bid for match funding, of up to a maximum of £5,000, from Plymouth City Council.

Here is a video preview of the campaign …

… and here are some of the students from the Plymouth College of Art that made the video.


18th July 2015

The group of students from the Film department of PCA, tasked with filming the commissioning process, have completed the first draft of its video that includes the project story up to the Stage 2 selection meeting.

Here are some of the students that made this video.


26th June 2015

View the proposed sculpture from several angles by clicking here >>> maquette_motion

29th May 2015

There will be a PUBLIC MEETING in St Andrew’s Church on Friday, 29th May, at 7pm. This is an opportunity to meet Rodney Munday, and to hear him talk about his design ‘I will make you fishers of men’.




7th May 2015

Read the story in the local newspaper

4th May 2015

The Art Commissioning Group is delighted to announce that Rodney Munday  has been chosen to go forward  to Stage 3 of  the ‘Vision for the Pillars’. It is anticipated that Rodney will produce an iconic work of public art based upon his maquette (see his newsletter)