Artistic Engagement

Rodney with MaquetteIn 2016, at the Minster Church of St Andrew, Rodney Munday spoke to an invited audience about his life and work. He illustrated his talk with a PowerPoint presentation of his sculptures, and introduced his thoughts and ideas about his ‘Vision for the Pillars’. On display was a maquette of the sculpture he hopes to create for this commission.

Here are some comments and observations from the audience:

“The proposed sculpture has style, elegance and symbolism and is just right for this site!” Monica

“Both Margaret and I agree that it was an interesting and enjoyable evening. I was very impressed with his easy manner in which he related to us all. He made no secret that he was a Christian and that his Christianity was also a prominent part of his working life. I was impressed also that he took the trouble to research his commission in the bible. I warmed to him as a man and I enjoyed listening to him speak of how he prepares for each of his commissions. I had never heard of him before now but he is clearly a very gifted sculptor. I approve of your committee’s choice of the particular sculpture and cannot wait to see it on those columns outside the church. Both Margaret and I agree that the fisherman should be as God made him and not clothed in any way. How ever if for some reason Rodney feels that a cloth would enhance the statue then so be it although those on the world’s side of Royal Parade may have good reason to say that we churchy people are too prudish. I do hope that the money will stretch to a real bronze but beggars cannot be choosers as they say! Well done to both you and the rest of the committee.” Norman and Margaret

“It was an absolute joy to meet Rodney and learn about his work. I spoke to a friend about it and she said it would be good to film the process in some way. It would be great to see his workshop at some time. Thank you for all your hard work and great arrangements.” Jean

“It just spoke to me”. Angela

The proposed sculpture wonderfully combines an image which is entirely appropriate to St. Andrew’s, with a clear message of outreach. As an arch over the pillars, it will invite those in the city to investigate the Church’s message and will invite the congregation to engage in its mandate to be ‘fishers of men’ to the city. As a superb work of art, it will enhance our image in the City and beyond.”  David

I enjoyed Rodney’s explanatory talk on Friday and hope that he will be able to give further talks on how the project is progressing. Also it woud be exciting to be able to see the sculpture being constructed and have talks on how this is done. And of course how the financing is progressing. Arnold

The talk by Rodney Munday was most interesting. It was obvious that he had given a lot of thought to creating his design and he explained clearly the meaning of his ideas.The fact that he was able to interpret them from a Christian standpoint was very significant. By the end of his talk and having seen the maquette, it was clear that the sculpture matched perfectly the vision of connecting the City to the Church and the Church to the City. Richard and Amanda