Wonderful news – our vision is now becoming a reality!

We are pleased to inform you that the ‘Vision for the Pillars’ is soon to be a reality.

It has been a year since the Public Appeal was made, and during that year the Art Commissioning Group and the artist, Rodney Munday, have worked hard to bring about the reality of the vision. There have been many setbacks but we now have a date for the dedication of the statue.

—— 7th July 2017 ——

Follow the progress of the sculpture in the photos below. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

More photos will be added as the various stages of construction are completed.

28 March 2017

Rodney constructs the armature (above), the ‘skeleton’ on which the heavy clay is pressed (below) and the finished shape of St Andrew will be built up.

1 April 2017

The photos below show the progress made.

6 April 2017


023(7apr17)To stop the clay drying out, ‘Andrew’ has to be covered.

As Rodney points out about the photo (left), “the somewhat spectral figure of Andrew wrapped up for the night!”




8 April 2017

With the loin cloth now in place, the clay model is almost ready for the next stage of production.

13 April 2017

The clay figure of Andrew is now ready to be covered in rubber, which is the first stage of creating the mould. The photos show Rodney first mixing the rubber solution, then applying the rubber onto the clay figure until every part is covered.

19 April 2017 – An update from Rodney

“I attach the latest pictures (see below), starting with Andrew’s halo! This was formed using plastic sheet with prefabricated locating holes, prior to coating with rubber on both sides so that the mould can be fitted together. This in fact will not happen with the resin casting, but it is essential for a wax figure for a foundry, where the wax is swilled round the entire mould. It is still important for the resin cast, however, since it facilitates the separation of the rubber parts, and ties them into the support mould for casting.”

“The other pictures show the “halo” covered in a preliminary coat of rubber, and the figure and seam now the rubber coats have been completed. The narrow ribs that you see (such as that down the centre of the head) are to separate the different sections of the support mould. I strengthened the wooden strut on Andrew’s left side, since he is now becoming exceedingly overweight! (Something like 175kg of clay plus nearly 60kg of silicone rubber). Tomorrow I start on the support mould.”


23 April 2017

“The support mould is now completed, and here are some photos of me putting  fibreglass on the rubber, and of the completed mould … “

“… and the pictures below show Andrew lying in a crumpled heap on the floor, awaiting the moment of resurgens alongside his chrysalis. Quite a meaningful image, in view of the site where he will reside.” (see Resurgam)